Preventive measures against the spread
of new coronavirus infection

  1. Introduction to the self check-in system

    ◆For walk-in customers
    Rather than having the front desk staff perform tasks such as accepting customers who come to the hotel, creating a guest ledger, and verifying their identity, check-in can be done by the guest using an automatic check-in machine.

    ◆Customers with reservations
    You can check in by entering your name or reservation number into the automatic payment machine.

  2. Installation of alcohol disinfectant

    We are working to create an environment that is easier for customers to use by increasing the amount of alcohol disinfectant.

  3. Strengthening regular disinfection

    We carry out alcohol disinfection of parts that customers often touch, such as doorknobs, doors, elevators buttons, and bathroom doors.

  4. Customer health check and mask policy

    Body temperature is scanned automatically upon entry to the lobby. Please wear a mask in the common areas of the building.

  5. Sterilization of guest rooms with an ozone generator


    We also use an ozone generator to sterilize guest rooms after check-out.

  6. A space where you can take a deep breath of clean air

    Each room uses the Panasonic "Nanoe Generator” air purifier. It removes bacteria, viruses, pollen, allergens, odors, PM2.5, etc.

  7. Regular ventilation

    Windows are regularly opened to air the lobby, and guest rooms.

  8. Use of antibacterial panels around guest room water

    In addition to "antibacterial and antiviral properties", melamine decorative board "AICA Wiltect" is used. In particular, it contributes to maintaining the cleanliness around the washbasin.

Initiatives for employees

  1. Health check before work

    We check body temperature before work. Employees who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher or who are not in good physical condition are asked to stay home for two days or until full recovery.

  2. Prevention of infection

    The hotel staff carefully disinfects hands during work.

  3. Mask wearing and vinyl sheet

    In consideration of the health and safety of our customers, all staff wear masks, and we have installed a vinyl sheet at the front desk to prevent infection.