A hotel where
you can relax like
a bedroom instead
of a hotel room.

I don't like capsule hotels whose sleeping space
is only separated by a curtain, but I do want to stay
in a private room that uses minimal space.
I like the simplicity of just going home and going to bed.

Most business hotels in Japan have a small, one unit bathroom that includes sink,
toilet and shower,
but we have separated them to make it a much more spacious and comfortable experience.
It’s like a fully equipped and expanded private bedroom experience.
Under the 4.6ft wide bed, there is a small refrigerator, microwave oven,
and room for two suitcases.
On the 43-inch TV, you can plug your smartphone in to watch it on the big screen.
YouTube and various cable radio stations are also available.
There is also a counter table at the foot
of the bed so that
you can work or eat comfortably
while sitting on the bed.
The decoration of the 47 guest rooms coincides with the 47 prefectures of Japan.
In each room, you can enjoy a wall-sized photo that captures something
uniquely beautiful about the prefecture
you’re “visiting.”